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Hydro Care proudly supports H2 Minutes!​​

Tywon Hubbard is an ex-professional Football Player from USA. Tywon presents wonderful, and creative videos that teach interesting things about H2 (molecular hydrogen) in mere minutes that even the average person can easily understand. Including H2 itself, water in general, the industry, & misconceptions. Tywon dives into the fascinating world of hydrogen and all it's amazing benefits for health, lifestyle, illnesses, and sports. He brings a fresh new approach to making science fun,and understandable. You will be intrigued what Tywon can teach you in just minutes!

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Disclaimer: H2Minutes is owned exclusively by Tywon Hubbard/H2 HUBB LLC. H2Minutes does not represent or is associated with any particular product and/or company but is a free educational and science-based video series featured on YouTube.

​Molecular Hydrogen (i.e. H2 gas) is gaining significant attention from academic researchers, medical doctors, scientists, and physicians around the world for its recently reported therapeutic potential. One of the earliest publications on hydrogen as a medical gas was in 1975, by Dole and colleagues from Baylor University and Texas A&M. They reported in the journal of Science that hyperbaric (8atm) hydrogen therapy was effective at reducing melanoma tumours in mice. However, the interest in hydrogen therapy only recently began after 2007, when it was demonstrated that administration of hydrogen gas via inhalation (at levels below the flammability limit of 4.6%) or ingestion of an aqueous-solutions containing dissolved hydrogen, could also exert therapeutic biological effects. These findings suggest hydrogen has immediate medical and clinical applications.

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