Technology: Ultrasonic Nano Tech

Certification: CE. ROHS

Power Supply: Rechargable mAh Lithium Ion Battery

Color: White

Tank Volume: 16ml

Electrode: Titanium / Platinum

Dimensions: 125mm x 35mm

Spray Time: 45 secs/use

Weight: 104g


A new generation of superabsorbent Nano Facial Mist. Automatic electrolysis water into Hydrogen-rich water to accelerate skin absorption and cell regeneration.


Nano water sprayer adopts ultrasonic oscillation technology to decompose water into the nano atomized hydrogen-rich water so that the skin can instantly absorb. It makes your skin moist at any time and anywhere.


Electrolyis of water into hydrogen-rich water has been published in Newton Science Magazine proving how hydrogen-rich water can improve human skincare and eliminate wrinkles and sunspots.


Rapid atomization under high pressure atomized into 0.3 microns. The Nano Mist sprays hydrogen-rich water molecules at 300nm. The Nano Mist can be used on hair or on skin pores. The fine mist can also calm and soothe the skin post sun exposure.

H2Go Hydrogen Nano Mist Unit

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